Critical Fall Height Chart


Playground surfacing has an ultimate goal of protecting our children in case they fall. The surface needs to be poured at a depth that is tested to be safe for children at specific falls heights. For our Poured In Place playground surfacing, a fall from 12 ft will need 5 inches of depth. A Fall from 4 ft will only need 1.5 inches of depth to protect the child. Below is a critical fall-height chart on our Poured In Place playground surfacing product. 

astm 1292-18 fall height requirements

What Is A Playground Fall Zone?

A playground fall zone is an area around swings, slides, and higher playground equipment. The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) regulates that the fall zone's surfacing must extend beyond the equipment for a minimum of six feet. 

This is especially relevant to falls from slides and swings. The surfacing in front of a slide's exit should extend a minimum of six feet and a maximum of fourteen feet. Swings have a fall zone rule of thumb of two times the length of the pivot point. If the pivot point of the swing is 6 ft, the fall zone around the swing should be 12 feet to the front and the back or 24 feet in diameter from the swing. 

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